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"There are errors in this review; the boy DOES NOT help in the escape at all. He only tags along after the fact. The people are not shown as hungry for food during most of the time even though they should be. They are shown wanting water at one point but they are never shown eating and in reality would be so weak from starving they would not even be able to walk after the voyage. They also toss a dead body overboard during the voyage; somehing that would never happen if they were truly starving...that body would be devoured. But this is a film that has no logic to's ART after all. They somehow mange to cross the Atlantic but have no supplies with them. And the Allantic is generally as calm as a lake. Right. It's a surreal film and as others say; a real waste of's missing a plot and makes not a bit of sense—more like a long weird dream sequence. A Director so desperate to say something but cannot— except for a boring high concept vagueness—and there's plenty of that already in the art world. It was lovely to look at but after a while the soundtrack got annoying and shot after shot was the same— vast spaces and the vacant look of the main character. A real lack of the main character's sense; after fighting hard to survive in the first part...the fighter just gives up to the Indians. As portrayed up to that point; this guy would have gone down fighting and probably taken quite a few Indians with him. Then the Indians walk away leaving the blonde boy standing they would not even be curious. Right. And all the Christian jibberish...just became absurd. A real confused mess. An Art School concept but with a big budget..and a waste of time. A ridiculous film trying way too hard to be an artsy stylistic wonder...but in the end has nothing to say but confusion. Director should put down the hash pipe and hire a scriptwriter next time."

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