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"Its a shame that you did not understand the premise here Critique(must have been an entertaining christening). And an asexuul name,so I know not if you are male or female.This entire site is a forum for opinion.So every one is giving their opinion as they see it.As a matter of reinforcing it I chose to say "here are the facts" !! clearly that is in 'my opinion' the very concept is beyond you it seems.the 'fact' i wrote it,in turn purveys my opinion,again,in fact. So lets be off with you now,and hey,I'm not angry.You wouldn't like me when I'm angry(another movie refference in case you missed it) Again---------ATTACK THE BLOCK WAS ROTTEN- Suoper 8 was outstanding-Huddlestone will be comparing cowboys and aliens to Dr Who next...."

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