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"I really don't know what to think of this list, to be honest. I haven't seen half of them, but I miss some. MY top 10(not kronological) would be: Lion King, Spirited away, Toy Story 3, Beauty and the beast, Howl's Moving Castle, Wall-E, NausicaĆ¢, Pom Poko, Alladin and Up maybe(would like fit in Pr. Mononoke)( From the top of my head in the moment)B Keep inmind, I have not seen Akira, Grave of the Fireflies, Paprika, Whisper of the heart, Porco Rosso, The Iron Giant.. and yeah. .. It seems to me that, from this 50list, that I maybe dont know how to watch films at all. :S (and South Park among the top 10?) I have seen Totoro but i did not "feel it" that much.. I guess I would have to see it over again. It would Deffinitly be among top 20 though. :)"

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