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"I enjoyed this movie, but (unlike the official reviewer) despite rather than because of the tacky, cringeworthily self-conscious references to the art of film-making. When I am watching a movie, I do not want the characters to be discussing the cliches that movies of that particular kind peddle - it breaks my suspension of disbelief, it reminds me that I'm in a cinema watching a movie and not in New York with Mila Kunis [which, by the way, would be very nice Mila if you're reading this], and essentially it's a cheap trick which degrades the film in my eyes. Despite that, this was an amusing, endearing and at times smouldering rom-com. There isn't enough laying of the ground regarding the lead female character's emotional issues and it wasn't anywhere near as funny as some of the more puerile of recent offerings (The Inbetweeners, the outstanding Hangover, Paul or even the relatively middling Hangover II) but being able to watch Mila Kunis on screen for the best part of two hours makes up for that. One thing I will say is that the clips shown in trailers for this movie give away some of its funniest moments, which is an irritating Hollywood habit which desperately needs to be stamped out. If you're planning on seeing this, see it before you see anything else at the cinema so you don't catch the trailer for it."

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