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"Thanks to those who were supportive. And take it easy, Eazy, it's really arrogant to make assumptions, and foolish to get worked up over false conclusions. (Me kinda' thinks thou protest too much.) To the others who showed respect & concern: My wife found out about my post and was pretty peeved at me, because if there's one thing she is definitely NOT, it's a victim. That said, she will most definitely challenge SS in court if he chooses to steal her storyline. But she's moved forward, as have I, so neither of us is dwelling on this. In fact, I haven't been back to this page until tonight. I just decided to Google Interstellar after reading the latest scientific news about FTL travel. The film is listed as "in development" on IMDB, and slated for 2014. -- That's a 4 year delay from the original posted production date. Which makes me think they got the message loud and clear. Since JB had no qualms about letting them know that she would not stand idly by if they plagerised her material. To answer your questions, yes she most definitely has proof of her invitation to submit the script, proof of delivery of the script, and copies of DreamWorks' emails to her, along with their final rejection letter. Naturally, she also has all of her legal documentation in order, along with her WGA and copyright registered receipts. (I did mention that she had a high genius IQ, so I'm surprised there was even a question about that, EZ. -- Unless you didn't actually read my post but just decided to flame it, or unless you were trolling for facts. You did seem to take this situation very personally.) Anyway, thanks again to the positive responders! Much appreciated. And you're absolutely right, Mike, Mr. Spielberg has a long history of plagiarism. Which my wife didn't learn about until after the fact. I suppose that was her one mistake, trusting someone she greatly admired, and who many believe is an honorable person. (But what kind of world would we live in without trust and honor?) That said, we will both still give him the benefit of the doubt in this case, unless or until there is no doubt. -- But that doesn't excuse his past."

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