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"Mr. Ray's speculations to the contrary, the evidence shows [as I stated previously] that there was no famine in Stratford, Shakespeare had an amount of malt that was of average size in his community and suitable for the needs of his household, he was not a grain hoarder, and was never even listed as such. I do hope that Mr. Ray will now drop this line of attack and stop calling Shakespeare a "grain hoarder," but some of these myths are hard to kill. As to the small lawsuits that Shakespeare brought, I have no idea why Mr. Ray finds those to be events that would disqualify William Shakespeare from being the author of the canon. It was a litigious time, and, in fact, lawsuits involving the shares in the Globe Theatre reveal William Shakespeare of Stratford's participation there. Speaking of Big Lies, Shakespeare of Stratford was mourned and was commemorated, but you will simply deny that evidence as you have done in the past, so there is no sense in my posting it here. As to your Big Lie that "there is no doubt that there was an arrangement by which Shakspere...was to stand in as a manque named William Shakespeare Gentleman, author," there is absolutely no direct or even circumstantial evidence for this claim. Your "no doubt" is ridiculous, and your subjective interpretations of literary works do not qualify as evidence, although from past discussions with you I realize that you will not understand this basic point. As for me, I believe what I believe because it is based on actual evidence -- physical, documentary, and testamentary evidence. Unlike you, I do not indulge in speculation or ad hominem argument [i.e., your slanders of William Shakespeare]. Your allegation that I am "jumping to insupportable conclusions" is mere projection on your part. You believe what you believe for complex reasons. It is a part of your romantic notion that you speak truth to power, which is decidedly humorous and ironic in that you are attempting to advance the speculative candidacy of a member of a feudal hierarchy of inherited power against the more democratic and evidenced claim of the actual author. You are on the side of the birthers and their corporate overlords. Congrats."

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