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"A true professional pays attention to detail, at City Slickers Parties event everything was just that- Perfect. From the company to the canapés, he must subsidies events, how you get such a fabulous Apartment, elegant Champaign, vintage Wines and none stop buffet (smorgasbord is a better term), with only attractive charming people, who’re positively sexy, at such modest prices I don’t know. It’s not only what you get at City Slicker Parties, it’s what you don’t get: ‘no lager louts or down market types who pester and spoil the magic, no idiots making inane cracks trying to draw attention to themselves, no harpies (jealous women who turn peevish), everyone warm, sensitive mainly due to the way such lewdness was screened out.’ I’d recommend this to any sensual women and attractive urbane guys. It can only be a matter of time before Carlo and City Slickers raise the benchmark in this country. That means we won’t have to travel to Paris or Rome to find essential difference between ’Swinging’ and ’Libertinage’ the former uncomfortable in its own skin, the later self-confident, healthy, free of tension and stress brought in by less than sophisticated people, who in turn bring recreation-sex to the lowest denominator. This is excellence in action, the action was High Voltage sex, insulated from mean spirited inadequate vulgarians."

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