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"This is a very fun movie. This DP, whoever he is said that the script lacked the "more evocative components of a Robert Louis Stevenson story." Look up the word Evocative, folks. He's basically saying that what is wrong with the film is that it's not based on a Robert Louis Stevenson story. That's a pretty stupid statement in my opinon. This movie is awesome! I'd put it up against any pirate movie ever made before or since. Boyle is a bit over the top at the very end, but for obvious reasons that I won't spoil for those of you who haven't seen it. He also says one of the coldest lines I've ever seen a villian utter in this film..."Suffering becomes all mankind, but it finds it's most perfect expressions in the faces of the young." Robert Shaw is perfect in the film. It's not as profound as his performances in Jaws or The Sting, but anybody who would expect that in a pirate movie probably doesn't know much about the genre. And Beau Bridges gives one of the funniest performances of his entire career! This reviewer doesn't even mention his performance. And the rest of the cast is awesome too. I defy any heterosexual man to try to keep from falling in love with Bujold in this movie. James Earl Jones is great as well. And the way they decided to show how women were really treated back in"

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