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"I think the one and two star reviews are harsh, but this is one of those kinds of movie that will disappoint those who implicitly trust the critics, who sometimes overrate a film when they can't put a finger on anything egregiously wrong with it. It's a decent enough movie that will be forgotten about the day after you've watched it. It has some interesting outdoors photography, some decent acting, some interesting moments: also some boring moments, very little character backstory, and a criminally wasted Gwyneth Paltrow, who hardly appears at all. The disease is completely uninteresting, and there's no human involvement. When a main character dies, you don't care. As apocalypse movies go, it sits quite a few steps below Lars Trier's spllbinding Melancholia, and also has the misfortune to be released so soon after Perfect Sense, which is a superior movie also with actually affecting human interest. Contagion is a quietly enjoyable but soulless film that has not been helped in audience appreciation by being so widely overrated. And its denoument is a copout; what could have been a revelatory moment is a brief aside telling us something we are already told about halfway through the film."

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