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"I have been in my rented 3 bed house for 5 months now. So far 2 of the windows have broke, there's been a leak in the bathroom, the oven has broke, the oven door has been left hanging off, and now the boiler has broke 3 times in as many days. Im being left with no heating or hot water with a 1 year old and a 2 year old who is covered in chicken pox and can't have a bath. This is the 3rd day and i am livid. He keeps sending out a mate to fix it but after an hour its goes off again. Its becoming apparent the boiler needs repairing but he doesn't want to fork out for it. If no action is taken by tomorrow morning i will have to vacate the property till the boiler is replaced. Can i with hold rent for the period i can't stay here? I am upto date with rent, it has always been paid in full and on time."

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