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"I have been in creative work for 15 years in corporate America and know for a fact that most anyone famous for any kind of written art is a fraud, it’s human nature. There are those who do focus on doing great things and those who take credit. It’s not conspiracy theory; it’s a matter of how people choose to spend their time and the ethics from which they were raised. Is it possible or even likely that Shake spear and most other people in history were frauds? ..definitely possible and likely. This is not interesting, shocking or outrageous, its common sense. However, all other historical artist who are still famous today deserve the same scrutiny. Hopefully, with the digital age and improved communication mechanisms much of this fraud and inconsistent historical records will surface further. Shakespeare didn’t have a computerized copyright database to register with, and even that doesn’t guarantee credit to the real originator. History records should never be taken literally, but rather a way to gain an general understanding about the what life might have been like. This movie had some of the best technical’s of any historical fiction ever seen. The queen had had bad teeth, and all that good stuff. Usually block buster directors produce garbage technical’s, people holding weapons wrong, stuff like that. The film was edited in virtually random time-line blips so 90% of viewers only understood about half of this movie. A poor communication technique seen in film-nore and Quentin Tarantino movies. Grab some film editing software and reorganize the scenes into chronological order and this will be a great film. In its current state, you will have to watch it about 5 times and draw a sequence diagram before you will fully understand the story line."

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