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"I didn't much care for either of Andrea Arnold's previous films, "Red Road" and "Fishtank", finding both of them insubstantial, uninvolving and overrated. However I found the idea of her directing "Wuthering Heights" an interesting one. I thought it possible that it might be a welcome antidote to the rather genteel versions of the novel I've seen in the past. With that in mind I was quite happy with the squalor and brutality depicted. Nor do I have a problem with the film being shot in Academy Ratio as I see so many older films in this format at the BFI. My problem is that the resulting film is a mess. Incoherently made, scrappily edited, with shaky camerawork, incomprehensible dialogue and poor acting. After 40 minutes my companion and I gave up and we walked out, something I last did about thirty years ago. This is a truly abysmal film by a talentless director. It's even worse than "Meek's Cutoff", until now my "Dud of the Year", which is no mean achievement. Not even worth one star let alone the £9.00 I paid to see it."

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