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"I have just returned after watching this film with three friends . We were all so so disappointed . For me, I felt excited for about half an hour since the film is so stripped of all the usual period drama stuff and is raw , punishingly cold and desolate with the characters so clearly the product of a cruel, harsh , uncompromising environment . BUT then the imagery became repetetive ( oh , another moth trapped on glass, a bird trapped behind bars etc The hand held camera made the film seem intimate and pulled you into the bleakness of the landscape and Heathcliffe's sitution ... But Again, the shots that were out of focus, in near darkness with almost inaudible diction became irritating . What seemed fresh at first became a parody of itself within a single film !! Yes, the characters would not waste words but they would deliver with some passion those they did deliver . The taciturn character of Hindley that still sat in period did not sit comfortably with the language used eg 'Fuck off you cunt' etc. The film moved forward in a repetative . self -indulgent, laboured way and I ( and friends) could not wait for it to end. I did not empathise with or emotionally engage with any characters ,despite the novel delivering passion . So . ok strip away the hackneyed , the obvioue , but replace this with something ...SOMETHING !!! Worst film of my Kevin and A Separation ."

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