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"Surely I can't be the only person who thinks that this film is incredible? It's about time someone summed up the true spirit of Wuthering Heights. After years of watching adaptations that apologise for if not ignore the and unrelenting darkness, violence and downright weirdness of the book this adaptation was a breath of fresh air in its honesty and authenticity. Just like the book It's baffling and ambiguous, and asks more questions than it answers, but is nonetheless absolutely compelling. The book isn't an easy one to read for anyone, and nor should the film be an easy one to watch. Some of the acting is occasionally a little wooden, and yes, grown-up Cathy was treated almost unrealistically well by puberty, and fair enough - anyone expecting a Victorionaphillc tragic yet bittersweet romance will be sorely disappointed. Specks in the ocean of a what is overall a hugely successful adaptation."

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