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"What an unmitigated mess! This movie doesn't know if it wants to be a comedy, romantic drama, or sweeping historical epic. As such, it is none of them. The script is simply awful, with the most trite cliches one can think of. These are often reserved for the drill sergeant (1905 story) and Jane (Julie Ormond). Did a 15-year old write the script? Perhaps the problem is that the director doesn't speak English, and didn't really have a sense of how bad it is.The film rests mostly on Ms. Ormond as the lead character, and she is simply awful. Her faux-American accent is grating and irritating. Her acting is unimaginative and uninspiring. She is a complete anachronism; a 1990s woman in 1880s Russia. Richard Harris hams it up in every scene he's in. The decisons as to which scenes use English and which use Russian will leave you baffled. The meandering script and plot make this film hard to follow and, after three hours, one still wonder what the director is trying to say and, in fact, what the film is supposed to be about."

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