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"I DISrespectfully disagree with this pessimistic, shallow attack on the GREATEST trilogy of our time. If u even read the books, elves are extremely dexterous and agile, while dwarves can (when they're in a merry mood) act carefree or hearty such as these "silly parts with Gimli". It all pushes the storyline foreward and entraps audiences, even people like u who are too thick-skulled to admit it. Read the damn books! The movie contains almost all the factors, events, and characters (sadly not Tom Bombadil, or Gildor), which is near impossible to find in moviemaking these days. Jackson fully honored and respected almost all details of Tolkien's marvelous works! Here's a tip for ur next half-assed, depressing review: stop lounging back on ur couch smoking weed, watch the movie again (if u even saw it in the first place) and actually absorb the surreal grandeur of the film's shots and storytelling, compare it to the other shitty films that u gave a good review, and then get ur damn facts trait!!! If u atually take this to heart, u will actually find that you too will have become bewitched by these masterpieces of film!!!!"

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