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"Oh Dave. Your review is close to the biggest embarrassment I've experienced in a long time of cinema reviews (only Jason Solomon has made me feel this aggrieved, although to be fair to you, Jason creates a level of despair in me on a much more regular basis) - did it coincide with an Andrea interview perhaps? Saw Wu(i)thering Heights this evening and it is an utterly painful experience. What you seem to conveniently gloss over is the appalling acting by the whole cast! Yes there are some nice 'nature' shots but jeez there is SO little heart that the films ends up coming across like some amateur dramatic society production. Yes, the horse-riding scene hs a certain erotic charge - but even then Andrea feels the need to have Heathcliffe caress the horse...we GOT IT Andrea, relax, less-is-more. By the time we reach the 2nd half of this totally pointless mess not only do the repeated scenes of trees simply raise the: how-much-longer question but simply seem lazy. FISHTANK was a gem of a film. Do yourself a favour everybody: rent that AVOID THIS. fancy an evening in the cinema? Go see DRIVE or WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN and experience TRUE celluloid artistry."

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