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"I thought this film was absolutely hilarious and agree that the TimeOut critic must have some personal problem with the film/director/actor whatever. Bronson has not done enough to warrant his time in prison so so what if the film is slightly sympathetic to him? I thought Tom Hardy was brilliant and hilarious and I'm still going round saying 'Onwards & upwards-a!' three months after seeing the film. Hilarious, classic has to be seen. Also, to all the people slagging off the film, acting, directing etc; if you are going to slag off someone's work please at least use spell check or something, as to state that someone else's work is, and I quote 'Boaring and pretencious' when you do not even have a basic grasp of the English language is a bit much, I think! Also got to love the person slagging off the film stating "I haven't read the book, but I imagine if the film had been made more similar (?) it would have been better!' WTF. Nowt as queer as folk!"

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