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"This film will divide people into two groups. Those that think they under stand it and those that think they don't. Im in the latter of the two groups. Ever heard of the tale of the Emporers new clothes? Thats how I would catagorise those people who think they understand it. Isnt it funny how people rave about a film that has a few arty camera angles and a bit of quirky "gritty" banter. 44 Inch chest has the same ingredients (arguably without the same level of violence) but you understand whats going on. With this film you expect to find out whats going on, but nothing ever really gets explained. Call me old fashioned, but I like a beginning, middle and end to my films (even if they aren't in chronological order, ala Pulp Fiction) not, as this film seems to deliver, a beginning and a middle. The film gets two stars because it does deliver some good moments."

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