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"Hi . I just moved into a little apartment . I love it , I live with my bf and my cat . I cant say much about anything just on how its very nice and comfortable . My one and only Problem is my land lord . She never comes into the apartment when we are there . She always goes in it when we arn't . And its never for an emergency. Ive heard you have to give 24hr notice . I wouldnt mind if she didnt go in altleast 4 times a week . And then tells me to do the dishes and throw my garbage out , Just to let you know I Am a clean freak , And i feel very very Violated that she is in my home and in my things all the time . And i dont know what she is getting into when im gone . please help me , I even put a nice note on my door stating ! Can you please give me 24 notice before comming into the apartment unless its an emergency. I dont feel comforable with people in my apartment when im not home thank you very much , She threw it out and still comes in whenever she pleases . I know she does bc she tells me what I should do when I get in my Apartment and she lets my un-fixed cat out all the time bc she is a older women and cant hold the cat back , and says its the cats fault not hers . well thats all i need is 5 kittens sometime soon . I would love help to figure out what would be the best way to keep her out of my buissness and apartment and to give me a heads up when she wants to come in , And make sure im home and knocks before she enters ."

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