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"It's a well made gritty realistic urban hitman picture, that sudenly turns into a pile of pretentious crap, straight out of the vomit which is The Whicker Man, (and its ilk!) There's no excuse, even by the PTS syndrome studying gazelle... it is, what it is! A half decent plot, well photographed, realistic practical effects, then, for no real reasons, apart from artistic ball locks... it turns into some ridiculous arty farty religious cult that makes no sense at all flick. (Even if you suspense belief that much that no involvement with the police or emergancy services results in people being murdered left, right and centre!!) The extras on the DVD are crap as well, especially the "making of". Which is simply a montage of visuals with a sound track blurting over it. Don't bother with it, unless you suddenly take drugs during the last fifteen minutes!"

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