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"I was in Thwaite when the film was being made.The actors had to endure days and days of rain and wind and all the scenes are authentic.It was truly all done on location with no studio shots.The farmhouse used was also mainly left as it had been except for repairs to the roof and chimneies.I have been there since and it really is a hovel and all the scenes were taken in situ--the candles,the fires.the dirty walls and passageways and the broken walls and rough cobbles. Strangely perhaps anyone being lucky enough as I was to be "on location" may have reviewed the film differently,I was impressed with the outcome and imagine life being as raw as the film depicted in the bleakness of the moors in the early 19 century.It made one think because there was no "tarting up" or romanticising the life that the tortured Heathcliff was forced to lead.I've even ordered the DVD!!"

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