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"Wow....Its hard to believe that someone could rate this anything other than a 10. Yes Jackson did not follow the books exactly. What he did do is take an impossible task and make it real. If one were to watch the 6 hours of bonus "The making of" you will completely understand why he did what he did. Also you will see the amazing amount of work and detail that went into the movie. From the real swords and armor (all of it) to the imported fabric for the dresses. There has never been the amount of work put into a film to make it real. 7 years the cast spent together. No drama, NO pre-madonna's. Its only an american yuppy that thinks "The tree of life" is a master piece that thinks this film is anything other than an EPIC MATERPIECE! One is truly a sad pompus apartment deweller me thinks precious. These films are what ALL attemps will be judged for many years to come. Take one look and the "making of" and see Jacksons refusal to instantly use digital production for all impossible shots. Instead he use "Big-a-chures" lol. One more thing. The average Hollywood movie averages anywhere between 200 and 300 actual shots. ROTK.....wait for it...OVER 1400 SHOTS. Enough said"

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