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"What on Earth has happened to film reviewing at Time Out London? They're not worth reading. I look at Trevor Johnson's pitiful review of Coriolanus and have to assume he's not interested either in film or theatre. Describing Menenius / Brian Cox as "effortlessly oleaginous scheming politico" is an almost matchless piece of stupidity. What is it? How can it be that something so completely falacious and vacuous has been printed? Does Trevor not know what the words he's using means? Did he not watch the film and inadvertently reveal in his review that he doesn't know anything about the play either? Was the beautifully clear script which was beautifully clearly delivered by the actors simply beyond him? Was his understanding of the language and observation of the performances really so intensely feeble that he honestly believed Brian Cox / Menenius was either "oleaginous" or "scheming"? Or did he not understand what he saw and heard and was too lazy or too timid to find and ask a grownup what it was all about? In Trevor, Dave Calhoun has a very ample competitor for title of "Least Useful, Vigilent and Articulate Writer on Film in the World Today". Just stop writing your grim stupidities and don't come back until you've educated yourselves sufficiently to presume to give an opinion in public."

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