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"i liked this, its clearly not out to be a thriller, nor a standard cult film, but i felt it was a little too bare, a little too minimalist at times. i wanted just a bit more to really get into the characters. as it is, its an interesting, subdued, moody character study, but its still very subtle, maybe too much for its own good. no doubt thats why critics like it so much, but for my money, take shelter, and melancholia did mental illness a bit better. MMMM is interesting in some of the questions it brings up, about being repressed by environments, some you go to on your own accord, some you are brought up in, but it didnt go far enough with these things. in fact, margaret covered the mental stability of trouble teenage girls better. if there hadnt been so much hype behind this film though, i might have looked at differently, because its a good, respectable, modest debut, but not sure its as much more as a lot of film writers have made out."

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