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"Yes, three stars is rather generous for this confusing drama, which tries to take Shakespeare's maxim, good theatre does not depend on historical accuracy and apply the same to the film medium . . . Thus we have two hours of glaring anachronisms as we see the Shakespeare canon being thrown into the cinematic blender and given a good whisking. I'm not an Oxford don, but I know enough about Shakespeare and his times to know that this particular tale is extremely far--fetched .. The screenplay uses complexity to mask its anarchronisms, . .almost every scene is dimly lit . ( yes we know they only had candles in the sixteeth century) William Shakespeare, it seems, was a congenital idiot .who managed to fool the whole of Elizabethan London into thinking he was a Renaissance genius .. . . However, the film has its moments, and although not a patch on Shakespeare in Love in terms of artistic acomplishment,, it attempts at least to engage the critical faculties . . . ."

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