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"Cath Clarke’s Time Out review is very accurate. Over the years, Disney (and now Pixar) have turned out some very wholesome children’s movies. However, this isn’t from Disney, so “wholesome” it ain’t. Julia Roberts plays the wicked queen with such enthusiasm you’d think she’d been waiting her whole career for the role:- vain, manipulative, terrible with money, fixated with clothes, bitchy, obsessed with men, sarcastic, down-on-her-luck, and so desperately seeking husband number five. . There are some great lines in this movie – too many to remember them all, though two of my favourites have to be the wicked queen’s “mirror mirror” reflection talking back to Roberts and telling her “I’m just like you, but with less wrinkles.”, or Roberts (to herself) on meeting Armie Hammer (the handsome prince) “Hmmmmm…. handsome and smart – how confusing.” . This is a good movie for both adults and children. Clearly the adult humour’s dry, and finely tuned, yet there’s enough slapstick for children to enjoy – or at least those in the showing I went to were chuckling throughout. . The casting’s excellent. Lilly Collins is a very convincing Snow White, Armie Hammer is excellent as the prince, and – not to be forgotten – Nathan Lane is superb as Brighton, the wicked queen’s butler. . So though a far cry from her Oscar winning performance as Erin Brokovitch, Julia Roberts plays the wicked queen with such enthusiasm, she’s a pleasure to watch from start to finish. A worthy three stars (and one I’ll probably see again just to catch more of those oneliners)."

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