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"I am not sure what film Mike saw but my recollections of it are slightly different to his. It starts well and Roberts is very good. After five minutes I thought perhaps we have another Princess Bride here with a genuinely funny and tongue in cheek fairy tale. Sadly it goes downhill from there. Collins ia a pleasant enough Snow White yet she never totally convinces. Pretty as she is there is someting missing from her performance and Hammer whilst he looks the part struggles to act his way out of a paper bag let alone strike you as a leading man. The dwares are both annoying and irritating and the films middle where Snow White finds her inner girl power and the really not very endearing dwarves and her bond over fight lessons strikes me as an added thought from a focus group to tick a demographic box rather than being in the film on merit. Towards the end I was genuinely wishing it was all over. Sean Bean seems somewhat embarassed and his scenes at the end don't really work. Also the awfully cliched yet lets add it for no apparent reason "Bollywood" dance finale left me wanting to throw stuff at the screen. Two stars for me. It must really make more of an effort. If you have kids and are at a loose end go see the Pirates instead."

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