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"I find vehement criticism of this kind of film completely disingenuous. Everyone knows what they're going to get with the likes of Battleship, and yet there's always a transparently smug contingent who will see it solely to feel some intellectual superiority, though I suspect their tendency to watch these popcorn films is because of their hidden enjoyment of them, otherwise why fork out £10-15 for something you know you'll dislike? I wouldn't spend that much money to watch a Hugh Grant film when I hate the talentless twat. As for Battleship, it does what it says on the tin. It's an entertaining action adventure flick. And how often do you see a mainstream Hollywood film that features a disabled character in a prominent role? And not only that but actually played by a disabled actor. You won't see one in any of Ken Loach's heartfelt dramas about brave council estate benefit claimants or heroic IRA terrorists."

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