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"I would say this movie was actually a missed opportunity. I was afraid we might be plunged into the explosions from second one, but the film takes it's time to build up the characters a bit (all be it very cliche) and effectively uses humor to make us like the main man. But as soon as the aliens land the script gives us the most stupid and ridicules turn of events ever. First: the super advanced aliens somehow lose their communication device, so they now need our special satellite?? (So if aliens send three heavy fighters and none of them comes back and they don;t hear anything for days.....they'll just figure....let's forget about that planet....??) Second: Somehow aliens able to travel across the universe didn't figure out how to see with their eyes....No they can only see a weapon as long as it is aimed at them...? WTF??? Then once the three alien frigates are blasted the army apparently assumes that "All is well". Since the aliens who send the ships surely won;t miss their ships or send another party over to investigate. No No! It's time to celebrate and nothing else....? If this movie reflects the actual intelligence of the US army then I would say we would be better of to have some polar beers deal with any aliens if they ever come over.... Nice effects though! and I like the hot blond girl..."

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