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"i have seen this film twice now. first at the LFF where i was amazed at how bad it was, and last week on TV where i was able to fast forward through the substantial boring , dark and mumbling bits. yet, it is a film with some wonderful ideas and cinemaphotography and creates a more realistic vision of what 19th century travellers life was like. the use of static shots, silence /natural sound and just ordinary movement creates a totally different feel to the usual visuals we see with the Hollywood western. this is nto a 'western' though , it is a film about people ina time and place and thus does nto need to follow the conventions of the genre. so whilst i applaud this part of the film it is still one of the most boring and unefiying films i have seen in years. it needed mor edrama and character to keep the interest and thos einterminable night shots of mumbling in the dark could easily send one to sleep. i woudl rather see Ford's wagonmaster made some 60 years ago ."

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