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"The PH factor here tends towards the acid: "The film's success also marked the end of Lean as a director..." What nonsense. PH may be influenced by the attitudes of some British film critics who resented Lean's success in international cinema. There is often a backlash in Britain when one of their own strikes out and makes good beyond the "tight little island." This is the lingering snobbism of a nation that lost the biggest prize when America broke away from the mother country. After Lean's supposed "end as a director," he went on to make Lawrence of Arabia, a marvelous achievement, and Doctor Zhivago, a not-so-marvelous achievement perhaps, but a film well above the accomplishments of most filmmakers. Ryan's Daughter and Passage to India also do not betray an " a director," however one may respond to those films. The Bridge on the River Kwai generated some controversy in Britain because of the character of Colonel Nicholson. That controversy has faded and the film has stood the test of time; it is appreciated as a superb example of filmmaking."

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