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"What a movie - stunningly lyrical & unpredictable !! Walter Salles is such an enlightened guy..., so clever & classy, besides being totally spontaneous; Paris, May 26: he talked for 1 hour or so before an audience of people of all ages & from all generations over On the Road, Kerouac & Beat, continents, shamans, how much he had sunk his teeth & fury into all that Beat meat so as to distil the best vision from it, and also how so many travels & films have caused him to constantly “re-define” his outlook & sensibility towards the world & himself… But the afternoon’s highlight was when a paraplegic woman (doomed to a wheelchair, evidently) & holding a copy of On the Road to be signed started crying, and Salles whispered something to her, and that moment was just beautiful, I mean the contrast between her own limiting condition as an “incapacitated” person & the very sense of Freedom Kerouac’s works; I could see then very clearly the power of Art & its importance to the redefining of our lives on all levels, and all that Road’s meaning to that young woman in a wheelchair… Also, if you have the chance to read Salles's interviews, in which he describes all the movie's step-to-step proccess, you will then see Kerouac's piece was re-alchemized by a real artist & the greatest of teams; instead of yet another copycat version, On the Road was subtly distilled into an enthralling lyrical re-lecturing going against all conventionalisms & clichés... and the whole team spent 8 years completely immersed in kerouac's world, and they literally sank their teeth & fury into the Beat meat so as to distill the best vision from it, instead of coming out with another blabblering carbon copy, as i said above. As for the actors, I really didn't give much attention & or credibility to them until I read their interviews, and they blew me away, which has made me so proud of this film: almost all of them living together for 6 months, then listening to jazz before doing the scenes, going out to explore the streets, bars, poets, all that, then driving across America aboard an old Hudson, for real! Before shooting any bad intentioned critics, I seriously advise you all to get into the movie's backstage & proccess so you can understand why it ended up coming out like that; you will see it is totally unsettling, unpredictable & COOL, like a jazz improvisation; or better, go make the film yourself & tell us if it's possible to transform all of its contents into a 2 hour film!!!! impossible! Ah, I remember On the Road (the book), before becoming both a smashing success & the storm of its generation, being treated as one of the most disgusting bad-written scrolls of all time!!!"

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