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"I have found a document written by my grandfather who served south of London with the Canadian 17th L.A.A, Btty. 3rd L.A.A, Regiment. He was on leave in London during the rade. From his Note: I got another week end leave and went to London and landed there just in time to get in another big air raid. This was the biggest of them all, when it started I was near Buckingham Palace on the mall when the first bombs came down I got a HELL of a fright. I then went down the mall to the Beaver club and it was a hot spot too, So I went across Trafalgar square to Charin cross station and back to a Street leading to waterloo bridge when I reached waterloo bridge one fell on the embankment, it shook the bridge until I thought it was going to go from under me at last I was safe on the other side. I no Sooner got across the bridge when one fell in a jewelry store near Waterloo road. It must of been a big one because it shook all the buildings for blocks around and started a big fire, so I joined in to help put it out. We were so tired I started for the place where I was staying it was known as the Union Jack Club and by the time I had made the stairs I was plenty tired, so I lay down on the bed and soon was a sleep. The next morning when I awoke about six, I found the bed was covered with glass, but the caretaker told me that a bomb had hit close in the night and had shook the windows out. I went to the basement and had my breakfast and went for a stroll down a place called waterloo road it was sure one hell of a mess I don’t think there was one building standing in the fifteen blocks that I walked and the rescue squads were still picking up the dead, so I wandered around until about noon by my-self until I meet a Girl from the RAF. So we walked about twenty miles together just to see the sights. London had been bombed from end to end. I felt sorry for the people...."

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