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"I went to see this because it was you-know-who producing an outer space film. And I’ve got to say I really enjoyed Alien - back in 1979. I wasn’t bargaining on Prometheus being so similar to Alien - the sticky gooey stuff, other life forms in human bodies, "pods" everywhere, a robotic character, etc. I’ve got to say the CGI on the opening titles of Prometheus is excellent, but for all that the hackneyed thin storyline bored me rigid. I never get out my phone at the cinema, but this time managed to check emails, send a text message, and read an article on one of the online newspapers. Despite having struggled to make it through 1hr 40 mins, when the captain of the space ship said "Time to head home" I did - the prospect of shopping in Tesco seemed so much more interesting. Two stars is fairly generous."

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