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"@bozblogs, some of your stupid points need answering, look if you didnt like just how the film was presented ot editied just say SO, but you sound really stupid with your comments and here is WHY 1) The titan or engineer, NOT alien does not play a flute to start the ship, it was played as part fo the sequence to start up the star map, so many other buttons had to be pressed to intitate the sequence didnt you see just how cxomplex that scene was all those buttons that looked like eggs and had to pressed in the right order, cle4arly you were not watching the film carefully as the ship was started onve the large space jockey chair appeared and it put that helmet on, great scene by the way, but certianly that flute did not start everything, and why did that annot you anyway 2) I thought the holograms was a very good addition, tw was creepy and ghostly and let you also understand what possibly happened to these engineers, you saw that there were 12 of them and that 11 were killed, from their experiment, and it also showed in that massive scene in the star room that they were terraformers, creaotors of worlds, thats the bloody reason why they were able to breath in that place, even thought it was not their home planet 3)Idris Elba's character was amusing, and he didnt sacrifice his crew at the drop of the hat if you bothered to watch the film carefully instead of looking at you rmobile, he actually mmentioned the fact that these engineers were creating as biological weapon of mass destruction and he told Dr Shaw that, when he said fo you think they would do something like that on their home planet, and in the cargo hold of the ship they saw 1000s of these cannisters containing that alien dna so he was the one that said that this alien ship cannot reach earth, you abviosuly missed that point, its not cool to crtisise stupidly when you dont watch the film carefully, the only glitch here is that you dont see idris explaining this to the other crew pilots, they followed him on this suicide, so you can have that one, but maybe they just knew and who cares!! its abvious with most of the crew dead that ship had to be destroyed for christs sake!! 3) Filfield the geologist, quite cleatly he saw they were in deep shit when they saw the first alien dead and decapitated, which is why he shat his pants and wanted to leave not surprsing, and then he saw with the biologist guy the hige pile of dead alien bodies crammed up against the wall with their head and chest exploded from within, hmmm i think at that point not only would i be shitting myslef but also really piossed off that you had been brough to a tomb, like a scene from a holocoust painting, he said, he was supposed to be the character that was representing the audience's fear and inevitability of that place...that they were all going to die, but his character didnt come off well, a female character would have been better, like jennifer cartwright in alien.. tearful and shit scared 4)Not sure what your problem was with the weyland character, not the first time that young people are made up to look old and the makeup was pretty good, so dont knwo what your problem was there yes yes yes it is unlikely after a casarean you would be able to walk around so easily, but it was a rather horrific one and adrenaline rush with the painkiller, loads of it as well, anyway if she was out the film would lose its heroine, so that s sci fi for you and get over it, she was suppoded to be a survivor her will was getting her through like the android said. look at the end of alien 3 when the queen alien comes out of ripley she is still alive and holds onto the creature while she is falling she should have been instantly dead, thats movies for you!! You havent questioned why the engineers or creators wanted to destroy earth and the fact that they crerated this biological weapon and that planet was an installation for this process, and the statement was made from dave sometimes to create you must first destroy, you pobably didnt understand that.... these terrafromers wanted to create a new species on earth, they believed that the human race that they created was far from perfect and had to be replaced. This fim was certainly not the worst film ever but you probably loved transformers and battlehsip, this was a very clever film than reqiores dicussion, if the film was longer at 21/2 hrs more of the concepts could have been explained, this is a film where you have to try and underatand with each scene what is going on and link u with knowledge from previous alien movies, but of youre not smart then you wont understand this film at all and that is what has happened with some judging by the reviews, the plot appeared messy becuase it was comples, what was that black gue, was it dna, was it full of embryos, of the engineers created it form what did they do this!! you saw in the cave the muriel which looked lile am alien like species, gigers artwork, did everyone notice that, maybe they caught this creature and did exoeriments from it or they may have created it, mean there are so many questions to be discussed but if youre stupid or without imagination then you wont like it and thats that!! and bozblogs you crealry had no understanding of thsi movie so its pretty stupid to say its the worst movie ever, blade runner also got shit reviews intially but it becamse a sci fi classic and proemtheus will still make a shit load of money 3)"

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