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"It's not as clever or funny or indeed charming as it thinks it is. The jewish humour vibe is maxed out and it gets a bit wearying after a while, especially when youve seen it done so much better in films like the Young Frankenstein. I find it very hard to laugh at comedy that is so clever-clever all the time.The lead couple actors are just flat, and no amount of swashbuckling around the screen can hide that. And it just ain't that funny, honestly, I didnt laugh out loud once despite wanting to. And that from someone who LOL'd at Night at the Museum! The cut-backs to the grandad reading to the kid on the bed is just a meaningless device to break up the monotomy of the main story. Its not an awful film, but the 'true love' concept that is supposed to win out in the end over all the irony never convinces.And for me thats the problem - the film parodies fairy stories but doesnt truly understand them which is a crucial mistake. If it did, then it'd be capable of leaving you with the emotional satisfaction that so many fairy stories did when you were a kid or do as an adult (see Toy Story). That it doesnt only makes the film seem more the fool after it has tired us and even itself of it's mockery."

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