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"It really is very sad that this whole discussion forum for prometheus has been ruined it really has, and this is actually me blackops saying this not the imposter whiteops i know who you are, there was an opportunity to have a sensible discussion about this movie and it would have been interesting to have someone like myself who had postive views about this movie to debate points with those who didnt, instead it became a slagging match, of course ill take some blame but the dbate never even got off the ground and so what has happened is that there are pages and pages of slagging each other basically. This needs to stop now so that others can make their point of view which i encourage, i want to see all reviews whether its positive or negative from as many people as possible, unfortunately all these previous crap posts from me repsonding with anger and others also saying offesnive stuff connot be deleted so please lets make this froum normal again and if someone wants to challenge any points about this movie ptometheus with me lets do it in a civilised manner, I will appologsie for what i did if others who insulted me do as well, because this is now ridiculous, the previous comment is from whiteops and not me, opefully he wil stop now"

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