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"Too bad 'Zero Stars' are treated as unrated! Even one star seems very generous for such a terrible movie. Yet... As I walked out in the middle of it, bored to tears, like so many of the people there before me - the movie is really unbearably dull and excruciatingly empty - the cinema staff kindly reassured me that it was a fairly normal reaction. Since they are showing it, they are recording unprecedented levels of leavers! Up to one third of the audience! 'So much money and talent invested to get to such a catastrophic result' I initially thought, of course, on my way home tonight (not in a limo, thanks god) -and another illustration of the Empty Train Problem. But, while bitterly regretting having wasted £14 on a limo-style seat, I finally got the point: what a brilliant metaphor for the world of finance!! If that was the intention, it is pure genius. Although I doubt it. So, seriously, don't go and read the FT (or the Yellow Pages) instead. It will be, trust me, cheaper and far more exciting."

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