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"From a storytelling ppveerctise, this is a horrible trailer. It's just a series of quick-cuts that do nothing to give anyone an idea of what the movie is about. That approach is fine if they're only marketing the movie to people who have already read the book and know the story, but it's no good if their goal is to entice anyone else to see the movie. I'm sure some people will see it simply because Daniel Craig is in it, but star power can only carry a trailer so far. Plenty of people go to see movies because they saw the trailer on television and it made the movie seem interesting. This trailer doesn't make the movie look interesting. An edgy editing style and a remake of a Led Zeppelin song aren't enough. If I hadn't read the book, this trailer wouldn't convince me to see the movie at all. Maybe I'm just too picky because I'm a writer and I pay more attention to the story than to the other details."

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