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"It was very sad to see the comments from Emma Perry very positive and Lee Bowman, a bit disenchanted My family resided initally in Mackerson Road top of Southampton Road when we were rehoused following bombing raids by the Latwaffe trying to destroy the British Rail LMS railway london to midlands, we were then after losing our home in 1940 and rehoused in Southampton Road on the corner of Southampton Road and Piercefield Street,, from there we were moved to Bacton in 1967 when Camden Council in their wisdom deceided to regenerate the area, at first it was fantastic but various influx of populus it began to degenerate but the wonderful London spirit remained in part but after 30 years having gained rertirement moved to the Scottish Highlands but retain many happy mrmories especially the friendliness being married in St Dominics in 1960 just celebrating 52 marriage, missing Queens Crescent market on Thursdays and Saturdays one of the first Sainsbuyrs shop situate next to the Dreghorn PH, ah well time moves on lets hope whoever resides in the area now get together to improve things. and enjoy a uniqe location ."

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