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"The attitude was "you are pulling a fast one" but I have been going there for over 3 years AND the guy that first said "no entry" actually helped (and remembered helping me) use their crappy 80's keyboard in house machine! The duty manager, a "bullied at school" 25ish year old was obviously out for revenge on big lads (im 6'4) as there was no hint of "sorry" or an attempt to read the letter and situation, just an Arnie style "HEAD OFFICE, CALL DEM"! Reeling at the fact my £180 up front was on their system but "don't know" (why current deal canceled) came the answer....surely, despite unwittingly breaking their precious terms there could have been a bit of "OH! I SEE what you have done, yeah, no probs" from SOME MOTHER!!! But NO! Now, new card will come through, I'll give them back my £180 (but on Aug 20th) and sense will prevail........until the next lot of bollocks. Like the new "10% off popcorn and such shit" "deal"...........must keep track of the twats!"

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