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"I've got no problem naming and shaming crap cinemas and crap service and naming and praising good ones. Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue I've generally found the staff to be helpful and friendly. The whole place could do with a refurb though. Cineworld Haymarket has some of the moodiest and most dour staff I've come across. One woman there always looks like she'd rather be anywhere else. The Coronet is a gem of a cinema with equally lovely staff. Empire Leicester Sq used to be one of my favourites until an unpleasant encounter with their odious general manager, a man of very short stature with a Napoleon complex. I switched on my mobile after the film was over to check messages. He crept slowly up to my seat from behind and barked at me to lower my phone because the light may be distracting those wishing to read the credits. I went to speak to him after to ask why he'd felt it necessary to approach me in that manner rather than just come up to my row and ask politely but he copped an attitude with me. Another sad short man letting a bit of power go to his head."

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