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"The movie is not that good, unfortunately. It was highly recommended to me by a friend and I was disappointed during the entire film. It is very superficial and unbalanced, it shows for long the supposed British prejudices while does not show enough how Indians are, present them as talking English on the streets which is not usual, it treats premarital sex and romantic love between young people of different backgrounds in a very light way, and highly underestimates the prejudice and rejection Indians have for homosexuality. Kissing is not common on the streets for heterosexual couples. Physical affection is widely exhibited in public like holding hands, for example, but among heterosexual men who are the ones that occupy the streets. Dev Patel’s acting was regular. The best part of the film was the acting of the great British actresses Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. No surprise, of course. And the insinuation of problem solving collaboration and friendship between people of the East and the West. I do not recommend it. It is plain, too romantic, thus, simplistic. All the problems were happily resolved 25 minutes before the ending so the film rhythm is unrealistic."

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