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"What utter goofiness altering Greek myth of gods and sloppily throwing in a grab-bag of Greek legend like Cyclops and Minotaur! Could the Minotaur have also encountered Perseus? Well, he's got a life ya know. It all comes across like WWE tag-team wrestling in the end instead of an epic mythical conflict. Thankfully gross Gemma Arterton and her useless character wasn't in this one. Rosamund Pike remains exquisite but I wondered until the end about her character's orientation. I also thought Alexa Davalos did a nice a job in the 2010 Clash of the Titans. Again not enough Athena (or any that I noticed except in one deleted scene) - only my favorite goddess! But the producers made big, big money so what do I know? I actually enjoyed John Carter! I guess I'm the only one."

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