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"I agree with Archgate Knightly is very good. If you can bear to sit through 45 minutes of what is a very poor first half where apart from the excellent gag in the opening scene there is little of merit you will be rewarded. Carell really doesn't have either the looks nor the gravitas to carry of what evolves from being a poor movie with lots of people you really wouldn't want to meet or know into what is a very good second half as the film becomes a road trip to self discovery. It has an excellent soundtrack topped off by two beautiful scenes firstly to a Hollies track and then the piece de resistance of an epiphany to Scott Walker's greatest 3 minutes. Sit through the first hour and a quarter for a beautiful last 15 minutes. The first half deserves one star. The last 15 minutes 5. I will gives it 3 for a last quarter of an hour where if you don't cry at least once you must be emotionally dead."

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