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"Johnny depp? I do not understand why so many straight men find Depp to be such a stud? Sacha is the right man. You may not like his over the top characters - However he has many other notable roles that are critically acclaimed. As for height? I always thought Freddie was taller than he was. His presence and bold, charismatic, take charge showmanship made him look taller. That is often the case with leading men in history. Sacha has the ability to respectfully portray Freddie. I cannot see Depp striking the larger than life stage showmanship. Depp plays roles that are quirky and gothic. This is Sachas opportunity to show his dramatic ability all while using his physical ability to do Freddie justice on stage. Trust me Sacha will take this very seriously. He knows what this role can do for him. Rodger and Brian would not have selected him if they hadn't seen his ability and knowledge of his unknown work. Depp resembles Freddie less than Shacha. Most - actually see how sacha will transform into Freddie. Sacha is not stupid! I see the potential for Oscar Gold. The guy from the Queen extravaganza looks nothing like Freddie (huh)? How odd Regardless, height has nothing to with it at all. Look at all of the people that have played legendary musicians, They didn't seem like the perfect choice initially but blew us all away when the films where finished and most of them won Oscars. using Freddies' Vocals - I can't imagine Sacha- no matter how well he sings being able to come close. That being said others have done it and it helped them to win the Oscar. Sacha does resemble Freddie and when they are done with makeup, wardrobe and other things you won't complain. I am rooting for Sacha! You might do more research on his life and acting experience before you jump to conclusions. His acting ability has more range than you think Can't wait!"

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