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"Typical Malick pretentious, vacuous filmmaking. Terrible script - there wasn't one. Not sure if it's true, but the dialogue was all improvised, and it sounds like it too! I feel sorry for Linda Manz - her career could've taken off if it wasn't for this Malick idiot asking a child to improvise all her lines, rather than actually DIRECTING her (NB: She's always talking about the other girl's ear, because it's the first thing she sees to talk about!).  The story could've been good, like if the woman had fallen in love with the farmer properly and that's how they ended up, but ultimately it's very basic and predictable - apart from the bizarre inclusion of the flying circus...WTF? " "Oooh, what about the cinematography!?" - whoopee - they show a wheat field from afar in as many ways as possible? Yeah, I live near farmland, seen wheat fields in real life, I'm over it. How can so many people be describing these same repetitive shots of wheat as "the most beautiful movie ever!!!!1" - I'm guessing they all share the same brain or were brainwashed by some influential, self-righteous critic. This psycho Malick also included #AnimalCruelty by forcing a fox to run through flames - it'd clearly already been burnt too, so he'd obviously done more than one take. Sick, overrated director. Avoid!"

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