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"Deathproof is one of my favorite films, and one of my favorite Tarantino films. So many people hate it for so many reasons, it amazes me. I like how understated it is while being so intricate. Quentin has a way with dialogue that, to me, is so natural. He pics up on the nuances that make good conversation worth having and progressive. Maybe it's "Tarantino"-y but I enjoy Tarantino films because they ARE Tarantino films. I really enjoy that you can see his love for the genres (badass heroines, and gnarly car chases) oozing from every frame. And, he knows his shit. Every shot is intentional and I appreciate his decisiveness. Quentin delivers to us exactly what he wanted to in this film, and you have to consider that when watching it. Sure doesn't every director? Maybe yes, but Quentin is so specific. Its like you can enjoy a slice of his mind pie, and within that slice there are a thousand flickers of films and ideas, all cohesively baked together. If you like action, you got it. If you like hot babes kicking ass, you got it. If you like witty and insightful dialogue, you got it. A fascinating story, its there. Blood and gore, there's enough and its pretty brilliant. Character development, they sure grow on you. Classic car showdown, the best in years. Interesting filming techniques, you'll find a few. I really don't understand what all the fuss is about. Stop focusing so much on what it's not and enjoy it for what it is, and in my opinion, the good vastly out weighs the bad. Unless you're miserable, pretentious, have the worst taste in film of all time, or perhaps don't have a head."

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