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"one of the best novels ever written and the guy tries to turn it into the dreadful moulin rouge without music th character of anna karenina is exquisitely described and embroidered by tolstoy i went to see it against by better judgement and this is a dreadful film ms knightlley cannot act she slightly wiggles her chin and that seems to be her emotional response to everything she had more jewellery on than the russian czarina and at one point a floor lenght pure ermine coat!!!not a hair out of place eeven when near death!!!!why did the director make this film?why use this actress?what about natalie portman or rachael weisz!?and vronsky ?he looked gay and so what i knw but count vronsky was no gay!!and his hair and clothes only added to this allusion ms knightley cannot act and for some reason is always showing off her back lovely yes but why?!?to deteact form her complete lack of any bust and this rouse is used in all her films and is annoying dont waste your money just read te wonderful book by tolstoy and watch vivienne leigh or garbo as anna for this terrible actress makes her look silly and spoilt which when you read the book you will find out she is not"

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